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This is the place for our members to express a genuine moment of gratitude to those who have served them. We’ve all learned our manners as children with expressions like please and thank you. Being grateful is vital to our personal growth and development as a human being. We want to take this concept to a whole new level of appreciation.

We want to express our attitude of gratitude.

A couple of years back we formed the Good Karma Brigade (GKB) as part of our good humor magazine launch. Our hopes for GKB was to raise the level of Good Karma in our world locally and globally. In our journey to consciously raise the level of Good Karma, we started several initiatives: Gratitude, Success, and Laughter.

This thankfulness (gratitude) initiative is built on the Chinese principle of please and thank you. Most people know to say thank you in Chinese (Mandarin) as 谢谢 (xiè xie) [shi shi]. In this form, there is no distinction between a gift and service.

However, in Chinese (Cantonese), the word for please and thank you are the same word.

Cantonese: 唔該 (m goi) [mmgoy]

Mmgoy is the same for “please” and “thank you” – (specifically thanking someone for serving you). This makes teaching our children manners super easy and makes Chinese the most courteous language on the planet. 😉



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We are grateful for your support and encouragement. We thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Jimmy Tran CEO
Clent Wilson CPO

唔該 - MMgoy

Explore the ancient ways of gratitude. Express yourself and be thankful.


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